Take it! Take it! You’re gonna make it!

Shrewdly scanning the arriving passengers, the confident young man waited expectantly at the airport gate. Intelligent, well-dressed and sharp-eyed, I thought he might be a Fortune-500 CEO and stood a little straighter in his presence.

Fifteen minutes later in the endless terminal hallways, I saw him leading his party to baggage claim.  Confidently striding several steps ahead of the others, power surrounded him. Fascinated and curious, I gathered my courage to quietly ask one of the followers about him. Sharp-eared as well as sharp-eyed, he answered my question himself.  Without turning his head and still moving forward, he firmly announced “I’m FIVE!”

Step aside, world.  His life is HIS for the taking.

Switch gears now please to Suzie Ornan, personal finance expert,  best-selling author and hostess of her own TV show. Filled with self-doubt and in over her head with a job she’d gotten on a dare, she transformed herself  from small-town waitress to big-time, successful Wall Street Broker, by spending  a few minutes each morning writing the words “I am a successful Wall Street Broker” twenty times on a piece of notebook paper.  She did this every morning until success answered back.

Step aside, world. Her life is HERS for the taking.

Quick!  Grab a notebook.  Write down April 30, 2004.  Number from 1 to 20 and write:

“I am successfully and healthfully losing weight and loving life.”

Step aside, world. Your life (and health)  are YOURS for the taking.

As the cheerleaders say, “Take it! Take it!  You’re gonna make it!”


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