Trying Something New

Oh, my 5 year old Emily’s tears when the ice cream man came!  Not that I wouldn’t frequently  treat her and her  little brother Spencer, but that she had to CHOOSE just one. No matter what she chose, it seemed that Spencer’s was always a finer choice.

Then came the magic day when she realized that  if she didn’t like her choice, she’d know not to choose it again. Ah, the pleasure and education of variety!

Believe it or not, there are as many ways to check your weight loss progress as there are treats on an ice cream truck.  Of course there’s the standard vanilla (the scale), chocolate (your clothes) and strawberry (the tape measure).

But how about the other innumerable, luscious choices like …  Your energy level?  The nutritious foods that fill your grocery cart?  Your skill in reading the food labels?  The pages you choose from when you eat out?  The appeal of lean meats without sauces?  The craving for a crisp apple instead of a candy bar?  The pleasure in a brisk walk?  Your mood with your family, and those you work with?

The list of true changes goes on and on … and so does your progress!

Come on!  Try something new!


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