What to Do When You Are Hungry and It’s Not Time to Eat?

My love affair with reading, books and the library started when I was just a little girl.  My big sister and I would ride the bus downtown for 25 cents.  We’d get a hot dog at the Kress luncheonette, then walk two more blocks to the library.  I felt so happy and grown up.  And of course, we’d come home with books, glorious books.

Much more glorious than food, glorious food (and definitely lower in points/calories/carbs/fat grams) are books, glorious books.

Hungry?  Really?  What if you just ate? Go brush your teeth and find something else to do for 15 minutes.  Reading (as long as you’re not snacking!) far away from the kitchen works — and so does listening to a great book on CD or casette while you clean out a closet or drawer.

If it’s not eating time, it just may be booktime!

BOOKTIME — by Janet Wong

When you find yourself

Hungry again

And it’s not time to eat —

This is book time.

Pull out a book and

Sink your teeth

Into the think of it.

Thanks, Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  We’re going to take your advice! We’ll light our tomorrows today by indulging in a great book rather than something more to eat..

Come on! Sing it with me — Books, glorious books …


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